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Below, you can find examples of verdicts and settlements that we have consistently won for our clients in the past. The comparisons are approximate, as each case is unique.

Although we cannot guarantee success before a verdict, the H. Bruce Fischer Esq, P.C. attorneys are prepared to devote tremendous time, dedication, and resources to your case in order to win the largest possible verdict or settlement that is legally possible. For your free consultation with H. Bruce Fischer P.C., call our team now at (212) 957-3634.

Keep reading below to see some of our select verdicts and settlements for New York City personal injury victims!


$4.35 Million Labor Law Settlement

A father and son in New York were injured when the sidewalk they were jackhammering collapsed into a basement. The insurance company argued that this did not fall under labor law. However, the court disagreed. We were granted summary judgment and the insurance company settled the case for $4.35 million globally prior to the trial.


$1.95 Million Settlement Following New York Auto Accident

Our client was a pedestrian when she was hit in the crosswalk by motor vehicle. She suffered many soft tissue injuries, as well as back injury. Her back did not recover, and she eventually had to have back surgery. At the mediation, the carrier settled for $1.75 million, which was structured out to pay over 1.95 million.


$4.186 Million Motor Vehicle Settlement

Our client was a passenger in a motor vehicle when she received a neck injury requiring surgery. At trial, the insurance company offered us $300,000. Our client rejected that offer, so the case went to trial. Although our client wanted to settle her case, she did not want to settle for $300,000. After two weeks of trial, the jury returned a verdict of $4.186 million, thereby ensuring that our client had the funds she needed for ongoing medical expenses.


$2 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

Our client was an unemployed immigrant from Bangladesh who passed away during a surgical procedure. The case was settled quickly for $1.65 million.


$1.2 Million Premises Injury Settlement

Our Bronx client fell and was injured due to construction equipment that was left lying on the ground. The client had neck surgery eight years after the accident, on the same day jury selection was supposed to commence. The case settled for over $1.2 million.


$575,000 Slip and Fall Settlement

Our client was injured as she slipped on a piece of ice while walking on a sidewalk. The client an extensive history of neck and back injuries prior to this accident. She suffered and eventually had surgery after the accident. Her insurance company argued that her injuries were pre-existing. At the mediation the case settled for $575,000.


$2.5 Million Construction Injury Settlement

Our client was injured after falling 6 to 7 feet off of scaffolding. He suffered neck, back, and head injuries. The court granted summary judgment. The case was resolved for $2.5 million prior to trial.


500,000 Premises Accident Settlement

Our Staten Island client injured her back at a department store due to unattended water on the floor. Although she had a preexisting back condition, the case settled immediately before trial for $500,000.


$950,000 Auto Accident Settlement

Our client was a New York cab driver. He was injured when he was rear-ended by a motor vehicle. He suffered back injuries which subsequently led to surgery. The case settled prior to trial for $950,000.


$750,000 Auto Accident Settlement

Our client was a Queens cab driver. He was injured when he was struck by another vehicle. He suffered neck, back, and knee injuries. We won him a $750,000 settlement.


$17,500 Negligence Settlement

Bruce represented a Kings County home health care aid who was working for a gentleman and his wife. The client was asked to push the wife through a doorway that the husband was holding open. When the client was halfway through the doorway, the husband let go of the door and the door slammed into the client's shoulder. The resulting injury caused the client to be injured and require physical therapy. The insurance company thought the claim was going to get dismissed by the jury, however, Bruce recognized the fact that when you hold the door for somebody you should let the person pass fully through rather than letting it slam on them. The jury came back with a unanimous verdict that the defendant was negligent. Bruce secured a settlement of $17,000.


$5,000 Negligence Settlement

Our client was injured in a department store when a security tag left on the ground punctured through her flip-flop and went through her toe causing a wound. Bruce took the case was able to get the client $5,000 to settle. We have listed this case to demonstrate that not every case is worth $1 million. However, if you have been injured as a result of somebody else’s negligence, you may still be entitled to some compensation. Please call us today if you have a question.

H. Bruce Fischer Esq, P.C., personal injury lawyers have achieved some of the biggest verdicts in the State of New York. As our client, you will benefit from smart, tenacious lawyers who are committed to uncovering every fact surrounding your injury to secure the compensation you deserve.
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