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Whether you sustain an injury in your workplace or on the road, you need a tenacious, intelligent lawyer who knows your rights inside and out and will fight to the bone to protect them. H. Bruce Fischer Esq, P.C. is prepared to do that for you. Our New York-based firm of personal injury lawyers has created a tradition of protecting workers’ and individuals’ rights. We take pride in using our proven legal skills to retain maximum compensation for hardworking Americans who become injury victims in their workplaces.

Why Do Clients Rely on Us?

Our award-winning firm manages each case from start to finish.
Our influential and respected reputation in our community.
Our clients’ verdicts and settlements provide an ongoing record of success.

How Our Firm Can Help You

If you are suffering from devastating damages, it is crucial that you seek legal counsel regardless of where your injury took place. Seeking legal action can be intimidating, overwhelming, and extremely confusing for those who are simply seeking the help they need to recover after sustaining an injury. H. Bruce Fischer Esq, P.C. is here to be the expert in your corner, to decode the process for you, and to ensure that you receive the damages you deserve.

Injured? Let Us Help With a Free Consultation!

If you’ve been made vulnerable by an injury, it is crucial to retain legal representation who always prioritizes your best interest. If you are ready to start your journey towards financial recovery, the H. Bruce Fischer Esq, P.C. personal injury lawyers are the compassionate and skilled advocates that you need on your side. Reach out to us today for a free consultation— take the first step.