6 years ago my son was involved in a very bad car accident in Virginia, we live in New York. In desperation I contacted a friend and told her what had happen, she give me Mr. Fisher’s information.I contacted him and advised him of my son’s situation.He was in ICU and was disoriented for two day while in the hospital and was being treated for multiple injuries.Mr. Fisher sent one of his associates to Virginia from New York to assist with all the legal process.My son and I returned back to New York one week later.From beginning to end Mr. Fisher and his associates provided a support system that I will be forever grateful for.They would contact my son or myself to secure that we were doing well and guided us through the legal process step by step.I will never know how to thank them for being there for me and family during, what I consider one of the worse time of my life.My son is healthy again and doing well.Thank you so much for your support and attention with my family and assisting us in a time we needed your services.